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Public baby changing stations are a modern convenience that helps millions of traveling families every day. The convenience has begun to be taken for granted, however, by parents who do not properly clean the station when they are done. Babies are extremely susceptible to infection and disease and improper cleaning of a baby changing station can assist in spreading such problems. You don't need a public restroom baby changing guide to tell you that when you finish using a public baby changing station, you need to clean it. Use more than a paper towel to finish the job. If you are like most parents, you will have your baby wipes with you for changing. Use one or two of these wet napkins to wipe down the baby changing station once you have placed your baby back in their stroller or other form of transport. Baby wipes are as sanitary as it gets and any parent changing their baby will have them. Using these to finish the job when you finish the job is a courtesy that every parent using a baby changing station should extend to the next family.

Commercial baby changing stations are used primarily in public restrooms such as, restaurants, malls,  and grocery stores to assist parents who are changing a baby's  diaper. These changing stations are typically mounted on a vertical wall, or to a horizontal planer surface such as a countertop. A typical changing station requires the changing platform to be folded down to use, a sanitary material placed over the surface on which the baby is positioned, and a restraining harness secures the baby for safety purposes.

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