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Replacement Parts

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Replacement Baby Changing Station Parts extend the life of you baby changing station. Instead of spending the money for an entirely new baby changing station, you can simply purchase a relatively inexpensive replacement part and have an almost new baby changing station that will last for years. Replacement parts can range from the decal that goes on the restroom door to announce to customers that your facility offers a baby changing station in the restroom to the replacement shock or replacement safety straps.

Replacement Straps -
There are many different replacement straps available for baby changing stations. Koala Bear Kare offers replacement straps for their new models and even for discontinued models of baby changing stations. You can find replacement straps for the KB100 which is discontinued along with straps for the brand new KB208 oval wall mounted baby changing station. Replacing the safety straps of your baby changing station give many more years of wear and helps ensure the baby changing station is being used in a safe manner.

Decals and Labels -
Decals and Labels help patrons identify where the baby changing station is located. You can place a decal on the restroom door to let the patrons know that their families restroom needs will be met. You can keep customers from leaving your facility when the need arises to change a baby's diaper. Customers will learn and feel comfortable in the knowledge that your facility has a baby changing station and they may even seek your facility over other's because they know there is a safe and protected place for them to take care of their infants needs. Nothing can upset a mother more than being in a restaurant and the time comes to change a diaper and there is no changing facility provided. The mother with either need to leave and change the child in the car or change the baby on the countertop or floor, which can leave a very unhappy memory in the mother's mind. Use a decal or label to let the family know a changing station is provided and they will seek your business out.

Installation Kits -
Installation kits are great to have especially if you are moving your baby changing station to a new facility or even from one wall to another during a renovation or redecoration. The installation kits include installation instructions, mounting screws, a restroom door label and sanitary bed liners. No need to replace your baby changing station during a move or renovation, simply order the kit and you have everything you need to bring your baby changing station the new facility.

Replacement Shock Kits -
Keep your baby changing station in safe working order; replace the shock kits. Koala baby changing stations offer gas replacement shocks to keep fingers from being pinched when closing. The baby changing station closes gently. If the shock is broken, it must be replaced in order for the baby changing station to work safely. You can find replacement shocks for most all of Koala Baby changing stations making your return on investment higher as you can replace the baby changing station parts as opposed to purchasing an entirely new baby changing station. Before you purchase a baby changing station always research to find out how many replacement parts are available to help increase your return on investment.

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